Me Florent Chevallier

Trainee Lawyer


Florent Chevallier holds a Master’s degree in Japanese Studies (UNIGE), a Bachelor’s degree in Law (UNIGE), a Master’s degree in Civil and Criminal Law (UNIGE) and a Certificate of Specialization in Law (ECAV).


Florent Chevallier joined the law firm of Anne REISER in Geneva in 2020. He first worked there as a scientific assistant, then as a legal. Before joining the firm, he worked as a research assistant at the Department of East Asian Sciences of the University of Geneva (UNIGE).

In 2023, he joined the law firm of MULLER & FABJAN – REAL ESTATE LAW as a trainee lawyer.


Florent Chevallier works in French and English. He reads German, Italian and Japanese.


Florent Chevallier is a member of :

  • The Bar Association (ODA)
  • The Swiss Bar Association (FSA)


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