Energy and Environmental Law

Everyone wants to simplify procedures.

However, this objective clashes with the development of numerous standards in areas such as safety, the environment and energy.

Here are some examples of cases in which we have advised and represented clients:

  • Drafting a legal opinion on the compatibility of an ESCO (energy saving company) with the lease law.
  • Giving a legal opinion on the right to charge for the benefits of an EPC (energy performance contract) in the form of additional costs.
  • Legal analysis aimed at identifying the various standards likely to hinder the completion of energy improvement works or the development of renewable energies on housing buildings in Geneva.
  • Giving a legal opinion on the obligations of owners in light of regulations on the presence of asbestos, lead or PCBs in buildings.
  • Giving a legal opinion on the obligations of the owner when the building does not comply with safety standards.
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