Property law in the strictest sense refers to the standards that govern the acquisition, exercise and defence of property, as well as other real rights such as land and personal easements, land charges and liens.

Maître Limaya Hagen worked as a legal officer at the Land Registry for three years.

Here are some examples of cases in which we have advised and represented clients:

  • Acting for the judicial cancellation of a non-building easement.
  • Acting, in a so-called confessory manner, to defend the rights of the holder of an easement against a violation thereof.
  • Negotiating the removal of easements for use.
  • Assisting in a procedure for sharing a co-owned villa.
  • Defending an owner who was a victim of the excessive use of an easement.
  • Defending an owner against an unjustified registration of a legal mortgage for artisans and contractors.
  • Opposing a temporary and definitive expropriation project in connection with a tram extension project.
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