Real estate development

All real estate construction projects are long journeys fraught with obstacles.

They must be in compliance with numerous legal and regulatory requirements, particularly in terms of land use planning, construction, energy directives and financial requirements related to the development zone.

Other approaches are part of the real estate development process, such as the conclusion of contracts between partners and with third parties or even multiple contacts with the relevant commune, the competent authorities, neighbours, etc.

Here are some examples of cases in which we have advised and represented clients:

  • Advising with regard to setting up a promotion operation.
  • Drafting consortium contracts.
  • Advising and assisting a developer in connection with a major development project in a priority area of the Canton.
  • Advising with regard to optimising a financial plan for a project located in a development zone.
  • Assisting a cooperative in connection with a proposed demolition and reconstruction of its buildings.
  • Participating in a group of investors who responded to the invitation to tender from the State of Geneva for the development and construction of the perimeter of the Vernets barracks.
  • Assisting the owner of a villa wishing to densify his plot.
  • Taking steps to obtain an exemption from the proportion of social housing provided for in an LNP.
  • Representing the owner of an industrial building in the Praille-Acacias-Vernets district.


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