Me Andreas FABJAN

Lawyer, Partner
Lawyer, Partner
Lawyer at the Geneva, Switzerland Bar
FSA specialist in construction and real estate law,
LL.M., Dipl. IEI
Associate Judge at the Administrative Court of First Instance for valuation and compensation in case of expropriation


After passing his school-leaving examinations with an emphasis on sciences at the Collège de Saussure, he began studying law at the University of Geneva. However, he completed his final year of university in Zurich, as part of an exchange programme.

After obtaining a law degree in 1998, he won a scholarship from the University of Geneva to study on a postgraduate programme at Duke University, North Carolina, USA, where he obtained the title of Master of Laws (LL.M.) in 1999. He was admitted to the New York Bar in the same year.

In 2004, he obtained a postgraduate diploma from the Institute of Real Estate Studies, in Geneva.


Back in Switzerland, he completed an internship as a lawyer at the DUCRET DUCREST CARRARD Law Firm with Maître Olivier Carrard and obtained the lawyer’s certificate in 2001.

He then worked in the Banking and Finance Department of the LENZ & STAEHELIN Law Firm until 2003.

He then joined Maître Olivier Carrard’s Law Firm and followed him to his new Law Firm, ZIEGLER PONCET GRUMBACH CARRARD LUSCHER.

In 2006, he was successively Head of the Legal Department of the Geneva Real Estate Chamber (CGI), then Secretary General of the Swiss Association of Real Estate Professionals (USPI Geneva) and the Geneva Association of Property Developers (APCG).

In 2013, he successfully founded his own Law Firm specialising in real estate.

In 2017, he teamed up with Maître Mark Muller and created the MULLER & FABJAN – REAL ESTATE LAW.


Andreas Fabjan speaks French, German and English and is happy to work in all three languages.


Andreas Fabjan regularly regularly writes articles in the section « Droit au but » in the Journal de l’Immobilier – Le Temps.

He also is :

  • Associate Judge at the Administrative Court of First Instance for LDTR.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of West Geneva Raiffeisen Bank.
  • Member of the Committee and the Board of the Association of French-speaking Financial Intermediaries (ARIF).
  • Member of the committee of the Pic-Vert association, an association defending the interests of owners of villas.
  • Member of the Alumni Association Committee of the Institute of Real Estate Studies.


Andreas Fabjan is member of the following organisations:

  • Order of Lawyers (ODA)
  • Swiss Federation of Lawyers (FSA)
  • Geneva Business Law Association (AGDA)
  • Swiss Association of Real Estate Professionals (SVIT)
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